Additional file 2: of Genomic sequencing is required for identification of tuberculosis transmission in Hawaii

  • Edward P. Desmond (Contributor)
  • Kevin P. Drees (Contributor)
  • James T. Douglas (Contributor)
  • Kent Koster (Contributor)
  • Shaobin Hou (Contributor)
  • Xuehua Wan (Contributor)
  • Angela Largen (Contributor)
  • Jeff Foster (Contributor)
  • Lishi Qian (Contributor)



Clusters Identified by Shared Uncommon Spoligotypes. This table summarizes the isolates that were selected for WGS from clusters that were initially identified by their shared uncommon spoligotypes. (DOCX 13 kb)
Date made availableDec 3 2018
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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