Additional file 1 of Identification of Gm15441, a Txnip antisense lncRNA, as a critical regulator in liver metabolic homeostasis

  • Yun Dong (Creator)
  • Qian Guo (Creator)
  • Glenn S. Gerhard (Creator)
  • Xiao feng Yang (Creator)
  • Tao Li (Creator)
  • Mingyang Xin (Creator)
  • Qingchun Lu (Creator)
  • Po shun Wang (Creator)
  • Juan Lu (Creator)
  • Michael Autieri (Creator)
  • Ye Chen (Creator)
  • Ling Yang (Creator)



Additional file 1: Figure S1. Multiple binding sites of FOXO1 (A) and PPARα (B) located on the promoter and/or the gene bodies of Gm15441 and Txnip. Data are retrieved from the Gene Transcription Regulation Database.
Date made available2021

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