Additional file 1: of Current progress and future opportunities in applications of bioinformatics for biodefense and pathogen detection: report from the Winter Mid-Atlantic Microbiome Meet-up, College Park, MD, January 10, 2018

  • Krista L. Ternus (Contributor)
  • Gherman Uritskiy (Contributor)
  • Victoria Cepeda-Espinoza (Contributor)
  • Stephanie M. Rogers (Contributor)
  • Nur A. Hasan (Contributor)
  • Alexis Brown (Contributor)
  • Nils Oliver Schliebs (Contributor)
  • Daniel J. Nasko (Contributor)
  • Brian D. Ondov (Contributor)
  • Sean X. Zhang (Contributor)
  • Marcus Fedarko (Contributor)
  • Nathan D. Olson (Contributor)
  • Kiran Javkar (Contributor)
  • Sean Conlan (Contributor)
  • Sarah Preheim (Contributor)
  • Shashikala Ratnayake (Contributor)
  • Jessica Chopyk (Contributor)
  • Mihai Pop (Contributor)
  • Héctor Corrada-Bravo (Contributor)
  • M. J. Rosovitz (Contributor)
  • Samuel P. Forry (Contributor)
  • Jocelyne Diruggiero (Contributor)
  • Brian Brubach (Contributor)
  • Nicholas H. Bergman (Contributor)
  • Jason Kralj (Contributor)
  • Todd J. Treangen (Contributor)
  • Jacquelyn S. Meisel (Contributor)
  • Sarah M. Allard (Contributor)
  • Paul M. Luethy (Contributor)
  • Donald K. Milton (Contributor)
  • J. Gregory Caporaso (Northern Arizona University) (Contributor)
  • Nidhi Shah (Contributor)
  • Adam L. Bazinet (Contributor)
  • Daniel D. Sommer (Contributor)
  • Eric G. Sakowski (Contributor)
  • Jay Ghurye (Contributor)



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